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You have a business to grow. Kynetic Consulting makes the accounting and software easy.

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What if your software and accounting just worked?

Many property managers spend too much time worrying about their software and accounting. You chose this business because you like people, and you’re great at managing properties and at forming relationships with property owners.

You should NOT have to worry about accounting.

Meet Alex Harleen, Founder Kynetic Consulting

Alex Harleen, Founder Kynetic Consulting

Every company is unique and deserves a consultant who gets their business. When I worked at Appfolio, I helped property management companies all across the US. I learned the software inside and out, but discovered this is not always enough. Property management companies need someone who understands their business and speaks their language. I started Kynetic Consulting to provide exceptional, clear and simple Appfolio accounting assistance to property managers.

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“…very responsive, knowledgeable, patient, and immensely helpful.”

Cyrus Boga, client of Kynetic Consulting
CYRUS BOGA, Managing Member, Campus Properties LLC


At Kynetic Consulting, we’re experts in all things Appfolio and Accounting. We’ve spent thousands of hours talking to property management companies all across the United States. We know what works.  Better accounting processes will increase owner satisfaction, efficiency, and will take away the accounting stress.

Let us help.

Owner Retention

An owner’s property is a major asset in their life. They care deeply about the finances of their property, and they want accurate and timely financial reporting. Accounting errors lead to friction with owners. Property manager provide so much value to owners, from leasing to repairs to collection rent; Don’t let the accounting negate that. We will help you develop efficient and effective accounting processes, leading to fewer difficult phone calls with owners, and higher owner retention.


Greater Efficiency

As your business grows, providing same excellent service to a larger number of properties is your focus. Appfolio, as a software, maximizes your efficiency, allowing you to grow while keeping your payroll costs low. This is ONLY true if your using Appfolio correctly. We can sit down with you, examine how you use Appfolio, and help you implement processes that will make you even more efficient.


Grow Your Business

Fantastic accounting practices will allow your business to grow at an astronomical rate without having to worry about the issues that will slow down your competitors— Government audits, inefficient accounting, or fraud. Kynetic Consulting can help you establish the stress-free accounting practices that will let you focus 100% on what you do best— Growing your business!


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“…Kynetic Consulting is completely knowledgeable in Appfolio Software.”

– Vikki Vincenzi

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